Most of us are Android Users. And if you are searching what media player is best to use, well, it’s hard to resist recommending MX Player!

MX Player’s ability to play the majority of video formats made it more exciting to use Android Devices. And the accessibility it gives to everyone breaks new ground.

Well, if you are looking for more strategies to solve the problem of your Android Phone, take a look at our website. But for now, let us release the details you are eager to know about MX Player.

Always Remember:

Make sure that you only download MX Player from an official source. The sample of that source is the Google Play Store. This source is the Google Play Store, the safest and most reliable option. Because if you install other unofficial sources, this may lead to deactivating some features of your device.

4 Features of MX Player
MX Player has fascinating features that makes streaming seamless.

1. Hardware Acceleration
You can develop the hardware of your smartphone through three distinct decoders; HW, HW+, and SW. As you select a proper encoder, you will not have an issue in the compatibility and volume problem. Among the three encoders, HW+ utilizes MX Player’s sound settings to give you the best media performance without leaving adverse effects on the hardware.

2. Keeps Every Subtitle Format
Many of us use subtitles in foreign movies. But mobile media players are not so conscious in successfully displaying them.

Well, what’s a good thing is that it’s not the same case with this app. You can load any subtitle format along with the video file on the app. It gives you the option to personalize the subtitle, depending on how you want it to be displayed.
3. Kids Lock
Controlling your kids not to manage the video playing in your smartphone is way too stressful. But through MX Player, Kids Lock will help you avoid unwanted touches on your phone. You need to tap on the precise corner of the screen to unlock it.

4. Simple Gestures
Gestures make your multimedia journey more comfortable by providing you with trouble-free shortcuts to apply. This app has lots of gestures;
Double-tap – Play/Pause toggle.
Drag Horizontally – Change playback position.
Drag Vertically on the half of the screen (right side) to control Sound volume.
Pinch to zoom and pan
Drag Vertically on the left of the screen for the Brightness control.

5 Facts about MX Player.
MX Player allows you to access easily your local documents that you can even stream videos. This design of the MX Player will enable you to play videos on your device in an uncomplicated way.
You don’t need to introduce yourself to operating MX Player because the buttons are easy to understand. MX Player has Previous/Next Video, Forward/Backward, and Play/Pause. Yet, there are no volume choices that will let you escalate or soften the sounds.
But still, you can adjust the audio and movie and set it to image-less, which is ideal if you only want the video to play in the background when you are doing other things. You can also mute it if you are watching a foreign film and want to read the subtitle only. Any movie you play in MX Player will be on HD quality. You can modify the resolution of the video you want to watch, depending on the capacity of the screen of your device.
There is playback for you to resume watching the video you already opened. When you had an urgent thing to do, it’s suitable for you because you don’t need to go back at the start for you to resume watching.
MX Player also runs different types of subtitles. You can even manage the size, color, and timing of the caption if you want to or if you need to.

Do you agree that MX Player is worth trying knowing its excellent features? I believe you are getting your nerves excited.

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