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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold launch this Friday may be put on hold.

Credit: Tom's Guide

Credit: Tom’s GuideThe Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reports that the phone maker is pushing back the rollout of its foldable phone, after a rash of early reviewers cited problems with the device.

According to the Journal, the Fold’s launch will be delayed until at least next month. Samsung has yet to determine a new launch date.

The Galaxy Fold was to have made its debut on April 26 — Samsung was even taking pre-orders for the $1,980 phone. But the last week hasn’t been kind to Samsung’s foldable phone. Four reviewers given early access to the phone reported problems with the display, the device’s marquee feature.

In two instances, the problems may have been caused when reviewers removed a protective layer over the screen that needed to stay in place. But other reviewers didn’t touch that layer and still reported problems, from a bulge in the screen that may have been caused by the Fold’s hinge to half of the display going blank.

It should be noted that other Galaxy Fold review units, including the one Tom’s Guide is testing, haven’t been affected by problems. But the reported damage and negative reviews were apparently enough for Samsung to postpone a pair of launch events in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Samsung is no stranger to problematic phone launches. The Galaxy Note 7, launched in 2016, had to be recalled and then discontinued after the phone’s battery exploded in several high-profile instances. Samsung clearly wants to avoid a debacle like that, especially with a phone that boasts a starting price approaching $2,000.