Today, BYD launched what it says is the world’s longest electric bus, the K12A. At 88 feet long, the red bi-articulate bus looks like a giant caterpillar. It can carry up to 250 people, reach a max speed of about 40 MPH and travel 186 miles on a single charge. The bus is headed for the country of Colombia, where it will be part of the TransMilenio bus rapid transit system (BRT), but it could join other BRTs.

In a tweet, BYD promised this is not an April Fool’s joke. We’re apt to believe them, as in January, the company launched the world’s largest electric double decker bus. We haven’t covered BYD much since it was helping Uber test electric vehicles, but the company has been busy producing electric buses. It has manufactured more than 50,000 in the past nine years. If you can’t make it to Colombia to see this latest creation, you can catch the K12A in action in the tweet below.



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BYD Eléctricos Col@BYD_Electricos  

Ell bus más grande de la historia de los eléctricos, el BYD K12A hecho para @transmilenio y otros sistemas BRT del mundo, evitará 193 tons de CO2 equivalentes a sembrar 8.900 árboles 🌳 pronto transmitiremos desde nuestra casa matriz @Shenzhen China @BYD



 · Bogotá, D.C., Colombia
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