Email app Spark intercalary collaboration options back in might 2018. And Readdle, the corporate behind the app, goes one step any with a replacement feature specifically designed to delegate AN email to at least one of your colleagues.

While you’ll be able to already collaborate along with your team by sharing emails in Spark, the app continues to be not as powerful as a zealous shared email consumerlike Front. however delegation brings Spark one step nearer to its challenger.

You can currently treat emails as tasks with a point in time. If you’re a manager, you’re operating with a privateassistant or you’re answerable of everyone’s employmentyou’ll be able to currently assign a spoken communication to someone specially and send a message to feature some context.

On the opposite finish, your colleague receives the spoken communication in their Spark account, within the“Assigned to Me” tab. they’ll then begin engaged on that email along with different team members.

As a reminder, Spark allows you to discuss email threads along with your colleagues in an exceedingly comment space, @-mention your colleague and add attachments and links. after you understand what to mentionyou’ll be able to produce a draft, raise feedback and collaborate like in Google Docs.

Delegation may be a bit additional powerful than merely sharing AN email with a colleague. for exampleyou’ll be able to set a date and mute the spoken communication. This way, you’ll be able to hand-off some work and specialise in one thing else.

Spark for groups uses a software-as-a-service approach. It’s free for little groups and you have got to pay $6.39 to $7.99 per user per month to unlock advanced optionslike unlimited email templates and unlimited delegations. Free groups square measure restricted to ten active delegations at any time.