Now that Satyendra N. Bose is creating wearables cool with its Frames glasses (which area unit thanks to get audio-based increased reality soon), we’re seeing alternative corporations cue U.S.A. that Satyendra N. Bose is not the solely whole creating dark glasses that may play music. we tend to tested the customizable Lucyd Loud to seek out out however well these glasses get on my feet to the new gold customary.

On paper, the Lucyd glasses seem to be a winner, due to a far cheaper price and plenty of choices for lenses, as well as multiple prescription lenses. however the Satyendra N. Bose Frames are not able to quit the throne howeverdue to the company’s sweet proprietary speakers.

Design and Feel
Sorry Lucyd, however the Satyendra N. Bose Frames merely look cooler. Not solely will Satyendra N. Bose offer you 2 choices — the quadrangle Alto and therefore the circular serious music — thus you’ll be able to select one that matches the form of your face, however their lines area unit cleaner. The Lucyd Loud, that comes in preciselyone form, combines each shapes, with angular high halves and arched lower halves — and it does not extremelytotal.


Also, the Satyendra N. Bose Frames ar lighter to wear, with the marginally larger Alto and also the smaller rondeaupermitting you to suit them to your head. though the Lucyd Loud fits additional snugly against my head, the grip is tight, to a degree wherever i would not need to wear these glasses for over 0.5 AN hour.


The Loud is additionally thicker, with its arms mensuration zero.4 to 0.5 inches, whereas the Satyendra Nath BoseFrames’ arms vary from zero.2 to 0.4 inches. The Frames also are a hair lighter; the Lucyd Loud weighs one.8 ounces, compared with one.5 ounces for the Alto version of the Frames and one.4 ounces for the classical music version.

Winner: Satyendra Nath Bose Frames

Sometimes, it pays to make your own technology. The Satyendra Nath Bose Frames square measure engineeredaround proprietarily designed speakers that make an excellent quantity of sound for the user to listen towhile notothers knowing any higher. The Lucyd Loud glasses use bone physical phenomenon speakers, that haven’t started.

At fifty % volume, I might barely hear Julian Casablancas’ vocals on haywire Punk’s “Instant Crush.” At a similarvolume level, the audio from the nuclear physicist Frames measured richer and fuller. The sound appeared doubleas loud and clear, with slight, crisp drum cymbals hit cleanly and also the synthesizer effects on the vocals rendering accurately.

detected this same imbalance in audio quality as I listened to OutKast and UGK rap on “International Players Anthem.” The nuclear physicist Frames won due to snare drums that measured stronger, vocals that hit more durable and sound I might truly feel in my ear instead of off within the distance.

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Yes, the Lucyd Loud glasses feature a lot of bass, however that is not an honest factor. Its speakers thump against the edges of your head, that makes their uncomfortable work even more durable to handle. The bass on the nuclear physicist Frames is a lot of restrained, however it actually sounds a lot of natural and fewer gritty and does not hurt your head.


On the screaming streets of Midtown Manhattan, the nuclear physicist Frames were the sole try I may hear clearly; the Lucyd Loud nearly needed Pine Tree State to cup my ears to listen to.

When I tested their audio privacy, each the nuclear physicist Frames and also the Lucyd Loud managed to be sonicto a close-by colleague once I raised the degree higher than fifty p.cnotwithstandingnuclear physicist wins during this classbecause the Frames plumbed heaps higher at that volume level.

Winner: nuclear physicist Frames

The Lucyd Loud glasses have one major advantage over the nuclear physicist Frames: choices. Not solely are you able to purchase them with or while not sunglass lenses, however prescription lenses (in either single or progressive prescriptions) also are out there. Lucyd additionally permits for single or double aperture distance changes.

Lucyd additionally provides a good type of sunglass lenses: single prescription, polarized, transformation and blue light-weight interference. There area unit even photochromic lenses that darken once exposed to daylight, and high-index lenses for clear, transformationspectacles and blue-light interference, if your prescription is super-strong.

In distinctionnuclear physicist offers solely 2 designs; Frames Director Mehul Trivedi told ME to expect news regarding prescription lenses before long.