Google nowadays is introducing a brand new means for golem developers to get revenue from their mobile applications. And no, it’s not subscription-related. Instead, the corporate is launching a brand new proof possibilityfor apps referred to as “Rewarded merchandise.” this can enable non-paying app users to contribute to AN app’s revenue stream by sacrificing their time, however not their cashthe primary product are rewarded video, wherever users will choose to watch a video ad in exchange for in-game currency, virtual merchandise or differentedges.

The feature could build developers happy, however it remains to be seen however users react. Reception can rely on however the videos ar introduced within the app.

Even in Google’s example of the rewarded product in action — meant to showcase a best-design apply, one would assume — the video interrupts gameplay between levels with a full-screen takeover. this can be not a situationusers would respond well to unless this was bestowed because the solely thanks to play a well-likedantecedentlypaid-only game free, perhaps.

Rewarded video has worked for a few apps wherever users have come back to expect a free product. that wouldembody free-to-play games or alternative services wherever subscribing is associate degree possibility, not a demand.

For example, Pandora’s music streaming service was free and ad-supported for years, because it was radio-only. when it introduced tiers providing on-demand streaming to vie with Spotify, it extended a rewarded video product — thus to talk — of its own. Today, Pandora listeners will prefer to watch a video ad to access on-demand music for a session as an alternate to paying a monthly subscription.

Android app developers, of course, ar already exploitation advertisements to supplement, or as a method of, validationhowever this launch creates an officer Google Play “product.” This makes implementation easier on developers and provides Google the way to vie with third parties providing one thing similar.

Rewarded merchandise are often additional to any app exploitation the Google Play charge Library or AIDL interface with solely some further API calls, the corporate says. It won’t need associate degree SDK.

The launch comes at a time once Apple has been seeing success with subscriptions, that it’s totally embraced, pushed and generally even let run amok. Subscriptions area unit currently one in all the most important factors, outside of games, in app store revenue growth.

But humanoid users, traditionallyare additional antipathetical to paying for apps than those on iOS. Apple’s store has even seen nearly double that of Google Play in terms of revenue — despite having way fewer downloads. which means humanoid developers won’t be able to faucet into the subscription craze at an equivalent scale as their iOS counterparts. And it means that cross-platform developers could any range building for iOS, as a result.

Rewarded product provide those developers another path to validation on a platform wherever that’s typicallybeen harder, outside of running ads.

Google says the rewarded video product is launching into open beta, and is accessible within the Play Console for developers.