Apple has continuously been AN evolving company. whereas it ne’er very unreal any product classes, it continuously appeared to create those product classes work higher and smarter. It additionally found the way to form U.S.A. wish them, even once they were dearer. Today, the WSJ reports, Apple is making an attempt to seek out its thanks to a future while not the iPhone at the middle of its revenue model.

This shift happens as Apple according lower revenue for the primary time in years against a backcloth of tirediPhone demand. a part of the matter could be a shifting Chinese market, however it’s additionally thanks toindividuals merely taking longer to refresh their phones. As that happens, and also the worth of iPhones soared to quite $1,000, there has been a decline in sales.

With iPhone sales down fifteen %, this wasn’t a typical Apple financial statementhowever it had been one thingthe corporate had anticipated once it proclaimed lower Q1 steering at the start of the year. If The Wall Street Journal story is correct, Apple is already making an attempt to require steps to maneuver the corporate into its next sectionpresumably as a services business.

If that’s the case, it might mark a radical departure from the company’s history within which it’s redesigned variedkinds of hardware, bucking standard style trends on the approach. Back within the Seventies and Eighties once it had been known as Apple laptop, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created computers with a user interface oncemost of the people were functioning from the DOS prompt.

In the early 2000s, Apple came out with Associate in Nursing MP3 player known as the iPod and opened a music store known as iTunes. By 2006, the year before it might introduce the iPhone, Apple had sold over forty twomillion units and 850 million songs. it had been a mix of hardware and services that helped remodel a tiredcompany into a powerhouse.

In 2007, once Apple introduced the iPhone, it knew that it might begin to grate iPod sales, and it eventually did, however it didn’t matter as a result of it had been ensuing logical breakthroughonce it introduced the App Store in 2008, the iPhone became over a standalone piece of hardware. it had been a brand new quite hardware-service model and it might generate unimaginable wealth for the corporate.

The iPad came on in 2009 and also the Apple Watch 5 years later, in 2014. whereas every has done fairly well, nothing has touched the success of the iPhone. confine mind that analysts calculable that Apple sold seventy onemillion iPhones half-moon, and this was in an exceedingly quarter within which sales declined. It’s onerous to sell seventy one million units of something in an exceedingly three-month amount and have it’s a down quarter.

What comes next is maybe some combination of entertainment/content and creating use of advancing technologies like AR/VR, driverless cars and computing. It’s unclear that direction Apple can soak up these areas, however we have a tendency to do grasp that recent hires and acquisitions purpose in these directions.

There has long been speculation that Apple might create a splashy acquisition within the content spaceonceEddie Cue, Apple senior vice chairman of net package and services was interviewed by CNN’s Dylan Byers at South by Southwest last year, patrons specifically asked Cue regarding shopping for a property like Netflix or film maker. He implicit that it had been regarding taking the Apple TV and mixing that with a big-name content production company.


Cue indicated that the 2 firms were nice partners for Apple TV, however he wasn’t able to attempt to somethingon those lines. “Generally, within the history of Apple, we have a tendency to haven’t created immenseacquisitions.” He went on to elucidate, from Apple’s perspective, it needs to work out wherever the longer term is and to make one thing to induce it there, instead of shopping for one thing that’s operating for this state of affairs.

It’s value noting that Apple TV has not matched the large success of its different devices, however service revenue has been growing steadywithin the most up-to-date financial statement, Apple reported services revenue of $10.9 billion, up nineteen % year over year. That’s still atiny low share of the $84.3 billion the corporate reportedfor the quarter, however it’s growing.

Regardless, no one will grasp if Apple will approach the success with any product that it’s had with the iPhone. however it is aware of that in spite of its huge material resource, it’s dangerous for any company to rest on its past success. therefore it’s ahead and hires new blood and appears for a future with less dependence on the iPhone as a result of it is aware ofbecause the Grateful Dead once herb, “You can’t return and you can’t stand still. If the thunder won’t get you, then the lightning can.” Apple is hoping to avoid that fate, and maybe it’s some new combination of hardware, content and services that might lead the approach.