Reaching for your mouse or trackpad gets previous quickseveral tasks will be accomplished quicker and additionalexpeditiously from the keyboard, provided you’re sensible at memory key combos. Here area unit our hot picks of essential ones to study.

Cut, copy and paste 
Burn Command + X, Command + C and Command + V into your motor memoryas a result of the commands they invoke (Cut, Copy and Paste respectively) area unit commonplace once written material documents on a waterproof.

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Don’t stop there, although – you’ll be able to additionally enhance the Paste shortcut’s behavior. In several apps like TextEdit and Pages, you’ll typically need words to adopt the fashion of wherever you’re pasting them, instead ofretain the source’s look. That’s what ‘Paste and Match Style’ within the Edit menu is for.

Go to System Preferences’ Keyboard pane and click on the Shortcuts tab. within the list on the left, choose App Shortcuts, then click the + to a lower place the box on the correct.

It’s best to repeat the following steps for each app in which you want this behaviour. That way Paste will continue to function using Command + V in those that lack the ‘Paste and Match Style’ command.

  1. Choose an app from the pop-up menu.
  2. Set the menu title to ‘Paste and Match Style’ (without quotes).
  3. Click the bottom box and press Command + V.
  4. Click Add.

Click + once more. This time, set the command to stick and also the road to choice + Shift + Command + V. currently open the app you specific and take a look at it out.

In some apps, the choice kind of pasting is known as otherwise. For Microsoft Word, for instance, the command is ‘Paste and Match Formatting’.

Undo and redo changes
Made a mistake? chances are high that sensible that the app you’re mistreatment can allow you to undo it by pressing Command + Z. several apps allow you to step back many times.

Want to revive changes you’ve undone? maybe you simply undid things to recover one thing you deleted moments pastto repeat and paste it into the most recent version.

As long as you don’t create changes to the document when rolling back to the older state, newer amendments ought to be restorable by pressing Shift + Command + Z. you’ll be able to step back and forth to check states.

Availability of the Redo command will rely on the memory needs for what you’re doing, ANgenerally an app’s preferences.

Switch between apps
Press Command + Tab to modify between your 2 most up-to-date apps. Hold Command however discarding of Tab and also the oppressor stays open. you’ll be able to then press:

  • The left and right arrow keys to navigate the app icons. Let go of Command to switch to the highlighted app.
  • Alternatively, tap Tab or Shift + Tab to move left or right respectively.
  • Press H to hide the selected app’s windows.
  • Press Q to quit the selected app.
  • Press the up arrow key to see all of the selected app’s windows.


After invoking the last of those shortcuts, you can let go of Command, then use the arrow keys to select a window, followed by Return to bring it to the foreground and return to the desktop.

Take screenshots
In macOS Mojave, press Shift + Command + five to reveal the Screenshots toolbar.

Click choices on the bar to line wherever screenshots ar saved, whether or not the pointer is enclosed, and run a count before shots ar taken.

For additional facilitate with the Screenshots toolbar, and connected shortcuts that employment in older versions of macOS, look into our full guide to taking screenshots on a raincoat.

Hide and minimize windows
Command + H and possibility + Command + H area unit ways that to scale back space muddle and improve your focus.

The former key jazz group hides the active app’s windows. The latter hides all windows apart from this app’s.

Alternatively, press Command + M to reduce this window into the Dock. It’ll shrink into the world at the proper finish(which is that the default) or the icon of the app it belongs to.

If you’d rather the latter happened, as a result of it saves house within the Dock, amendment the minimise behaviour in System Preferences’ Dock pane.

Force an unresponsive app to quit

Hopefully you’ll seldom, if ever, have to be compelled to press possibility + Command + Esc. It brings up the Force Quit window, wherever you’ll straightaway terminate apps. do that if Associate in Nursing app – or the entire system – is unresponsive for an extended time. 

The problematic software system is sometimes indicated clearly within the window. watch out that you’ll lose the app’s lost information after you force it to quit.

If you’re experiencing current stability problems along with your mack apps, strive following our guide to Activity Monitor to diagnose the matter.