French company Chauffeur-Privé goes to expand sharply over consecutive few years. That’s why the corporate is dynamical its name to Kapten — a reputation that sounds less French.

“We needed to share with you a really necessary piece of reports,” Kapten co-founder and chief operating officerYan Hascoet aforementioned during a conference. “We modified our name whereas keeping identical positioning.”

Kapten is one amongst the leading ride-sharing players in France and recently launched in capital of Portugal (2 million users in France, 80,000 users in Lisbon). the corporate goes to launch in Geneva next week and London within the coming back weeks. By 2020, Kapten ought to be in fifteen major cities.

Kapten inside Intelligent Apps
As a reminder, Gottlieb Daimler silver nonheritable a majority stake in Chauffeur-Privé/Kapten back in Gregorian calendar month 2017. Gottlieb Daimler silver and BMW cluster later incorporate their quality service businesses into one entity known as Intelligent Apps.

Kapten confirmed that Intelligent Apps can become Jurbey. Intelligent Apps’ free-floating services, parking services, charging services and itinerary apps can merge to modify the merchandise giving.

But Intelligent Apps’ ride-sharing services (Chauffeur-Privé, mytaxi, Clever Taxi and Beat) won’t merge for currently.

“It looks obvious that there’ll be some consolidation in 5 years in a technique or another,” Hascoet aforementioned. “But this is often not on today’s agenda.”

Hascoet thinks that the ride-sharing area continues to be extraordinarily competitive and there’s space for growth. It looks smarter to stay multiple services for currently to envision however it plays go in the approaching years. Kapten is puzzling over desegregation Intelligent Apps’ scooter service Hive in its app tho’.

A new name and a few new options
Kapten is additionally mistreatment today’s rebranding to launch associate degree aggressive ad campaignthe corporate can pay “millions of euros.”

There will be some tweaks to the service likewise. The minimum value is currently €6 rather than €8 a bit like on Uber. Kapten can compensate that modification by paying drivers the equivalent of associate degree €8 ride for the nonce. Eventually, Kapten desires drivers to come up with the maximum amount revenue with €6 rides. all toldcases, Kapten takes a twenty p.c cut on every ride.

Drivers also are obtaining new options beginning these days. Free waiting time has been down from five minutes to three minutes, that ought to facilitate drivers waste less time. There’s additionally a replacement feature to travel back home and settle for rides on the means.

The company additionally used this chance to share some numbers. Over the past seven years, the corporatemanaged to draw in two million purchasers and two hundred firms United Nations agency generated twentymillion rides in total. In 2018 alone, Kapten handled seven.5 million rides with a median value of €17 to €18. It presently works with twenty two,000 drivers and 250 staff. Kapten can rent around one hundred staff in 2019.

Kapten has generated $54.9 million in revenue in 2016, $113 million in 2017 and $180.8 million in 2018 (€48.6 million, €100 million, €160 million respectively). Kapten desires to multiply its revenue by five by 2020.

In its announcement video, Kapten additionally differentiated its service from Uber by expression that they’ll keep paying taxes in native markets wherever they operate. the corporate desires to be the nice guy, let’s see if that’s enough to capture some market share.